European BEST Engineering Competition is a Europe based project, which has 3 rounds; 88 Local Rounds, 15 National/Regional Rounds and EBEC Final, where all the competitors gather and the "BEST Engineers of Europe" are elected.

Bringing together students, universities, companies, institutions and NGOs, EBEC aims at taking out students’ full range of multidisciplinary knowledge and personal skills and applying this potential into solving real-life problems by working in teams.

During the competition, active and inquisitive students have the chance to apply the knowledge gained through university, to challenge themselves, to broaden their horizons, to develop their creativity and communication skills. These being fundamental elements of the competition, EBEC contributes in the support and advancement of the technological education, as well as in the promotion of a collaboration in a multicultural environment.

EBEC develops through three levels of competitions that form the EBEC Pyramid.

1)Local Rounds of EBEC are similar to Local Engineering Competitions, however they are part of European BEST Engineering Competition (EBEC), which means the winners of the Local Rounds will be qualified to the National/Regional Rounds of EBEC.

2)National and Regional Rounds of EBEC are a national/regional engineering competitions which gather the winners of Local Rounds of EBEC and give access to the European final.

3)The Final Round of EBEC is an international engineering competition which gathers the winners of the National and Regional Rounds of EBEC who compete in Team Design and Case Study categories.


What does EBEC consists of?

EBEC has 2 categories: Team Design and Case Study. In each category the students will be a part of a group of 4 people.

Team Design: Team Design consists of building a practical application by using given materials in a limited timeframe. The result is a physical prototype that fits the requirements.

Case Study: A Case Study is a theoretical assignment that has been made by a participating company. The students have to come up with a theoretical solution and present it in front of a jury. The jury for the task consists of company representatives as well as academic specialists.The jury evaluates the viability and effectiveness of the proposed solution. The team with the most effective solution and presentation will become the winner.

Even though EBEC is an engineering competition, you do not have to be an engineer in order to apply! If you are interested in engineering and trust yourself, you can join the competition too!

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